Personal Web-Page of Kevin C. Kaufhold
Radio Communication

Having been licensed as an amateur radio operator since 1971
with the call-sign W9GKA, Kevin enjoys many aspects of ham
radio. He has focused on VHF / UHF communications, and has
won several operating and contesting awards for radio activities
above 50 MHz.

Kaufhold has authored numerous papers and articles on
VHF / UHF communications, and has spoken on various
amateur radio topics.  He has developed statistical models
explaining cyclical patterns in amateur radio activities; has conducted surveys identifying the most
wanted locations for VHF operations; and serves as moderator for a working group on distance
scoring for radio events.

Some of Kevin's writings on amateur and radio communications can be found at the
Society of
Midwest Contesters.

Currently, Kevin is serving as the VUAC member for the ARRL Central Division.  The American Radio
Relay League is at
W9GKA Antennas